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Blackpixel a communicating team

Our versatility allow us to adapt to any type of profile and project, both in the scientific and artistic sector of the digital industry.

During the daily exchanges,
the team has become a trainer for several years and today we have the pleasure of seeing our former students work in major studios of the video game industry.


Gamre Art, Highpoly, Props, Level Art, Hardsurface

Environment & Character



You wish create a video game? A Virtual Visit? Our team is here for you.


With the help of a production roadmap of Next Gen like modeling, texturing, digital sculpting, baking or even lighting...

But also with the help of software like Substance painter, Substance Designer and Affinity Designer, we can create real time environment you need.


Casual game, serious game, mobile game


We currently develop on mobile( IOS, Android )

Windows, Mac, Web GL, Nintendo...

Our team is also experienced in the Virtual Reality.

Our passion for video games brought us on the road of hyper casual and casual game.


Cover book, Cover Album, Pixel Art

Digital Painting

You need a concept art, matte painting, a design for a character ?

Illustrations for a book cover ?

Our 2D artists are always lookg for new challenges.


We are looking forward to hearing about your projects!


Gameplay, Physics, IA




Our developpers are here to answer your needs.

During our previous projects, we manage to create a lot of tools which help us to realize your projects in a better efefcient way both on 
Unity and Unreal Engine.


C/ C++ C#



Education, Courses


Blackpixel Studio is in association with the school "Créajeux".

Several members from the team teach to the futur artists and programmers at this school specialised in video game.

this experience greatly improves the internal communication at Blackpixel Studio.

Need a boost ?


PBR, Handpainted,

Pipeline Next Gen



Our artists are here to train you to the Next Gen.

From modelisation to engine (Unity or Unreal) by going through different texturing, shadering or even light settings method.


Portrait, Landscape, Character  

Digital Painting



Our artists are here to tain you to the digital painting.

Creation and setup your brushes, picture Composition, Monochromatic, Analogous, Triadic...

After your training, you will have acquired the skills needed to realize your own 2D concepts and find your artistic style.

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